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Casper Mimi & Me

As a child I was always sick. I had whooping cough at six weeks and amebic dysentery at two months.  My doctor tried every kind of antibiotics but nothing helped.  I just kept getting sicker. Finally he told my mother that he was going to give me caster oil and if it didn’t kill me it just might cure me. Well, I lived. But I had allergies, asthma, learning disabilities, and was diagnosed with classic narcolepsy.

Life is strange. I married an eccentric artist and met my best friend, Hitchhiker, a coy dog, and we moved to an isolated location in the

Mom & Hitchhiker (Coydog-half feral dog half coyote)

desert. I started forging in the desert and started eating organic foods. In 1983, the artist left but my dog stayed. I cooked for Hitchhiker and myself and kept getting healthier.  After about a year, I stopped having episodes of narcolepsy. Today I still have issues with allergies but not anything like when I was a child.

Now, I am a nutritionist chef and currently conduct nutritional research for a nationally syndicated natural health radio talk show which I help produce.  I also co-run an on-line health food store.

A couple of years ago when I first met and adopted my animals, Mimi and Casper, their health was less than optimal. Mimi, a Dachshund/Chihuahua and whatever mix, was a little street dog, smart, sassy, and a natural born thief. She was also nervous and had digestive issues. Casper, a Dachshund/ Sweetheart mix, had been rescued and kept in a crate in a room with twenty-five other dogs. When I got this little angel he was in extreme stress and his curly white hair was coming out in handfuls.

I saw how my “babies” were suffering, so I started to focus my research on canine nutrition. I drew upon the experience I’d gained as the Executive Chef for a gourmet cooking Oil Company and as food editor for a Dallas magazine.  I started to make delicious, healthy, and interesting food for my dogs that I could enjoy too.

As I got happier and healthier, my furry canine kids did too, (and they became a little bratty while getting spoiled).  They have nice wet noses, clear sparkly eyes that are full of mischief, slim muscled bodies, and shiny beautiful coats. Mimi is still a thief.

One of their favorite snacks is frozen almond butter and blueberries.

Frozen Almond Bites

1/2 jar of Almond butter

1 pint of fresh organic blueberries, washed

Line a cookie sheet with wax paper.  Place several rows of almond butter mounds (a little more than a teaspoon) on the cookie sheet making sure that the dollops are not touching. Then place 1 or 2 blueberries in the center of each mounds. Place in freezer.

Great for a hot Texas summer day!


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