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Mimi has a little friend Bebe that she met at the Doggie Park about a year and a half ago. At that time Bebe was a fourteen year old Jack Russell. She was a little cranky and had some issues with her joints. However, Mimi saw a kindred spirit and they hit it off and became great friends.

I ask Bebe’s mom if she was on any supplements and she told me Bebe was on some really good canine vitamins. I mentioned to her that   The Gift For Life  was one of the best products I had found for all dogs but especially for dogs or cats with aging conditions.

She said she would give it a try and now Bebe is running and playing at the doggie park and no one can believe she is now fifteen years young because Bebe is The Queen of the Park.

As I have mentioned before in a previous blog, my Casper had been rescued but he had been kept in a crate with about twenty-five other dogs in the same room for quite sometime. So when I adopted this sweet boy he was under stress and his hair was coming out in handfuls. Also more disturbing was his teeth. I immediately took him off all commercial dog food that had grains, corn, potatoes and started feeding him high quality human grade food with no starches. I also did some research and found a Brush-less Breathless Toothpaste and a product of enzymes, Plaque Zappers  I put in the water that breaks down tarter on there teeth. This little guy now has beautiful teeth and he gets rave reviews at his annual checkups.

Casper’s Beef Recipe

Double or even triple this recipe and store in individual servings in the freezer. 

1 lb raw roast (I use grass-fed) cut in ½ inch cubes for small to medium dogs and 1 inch cubes for larger dogs
3 small cans of sardines or 1 large can in water, rinsed of salt, drained
1 Lg carrot chopped
2 Lg collared green leaves stemmed and chopped
¼ cup frozen peas (thawed)
¼ cup parsley chopped
¼ cup of frozen cranberries (thawed)

Casper and his cute  girl friend, Kayla ( he likes her more than she likes him) Bless his heart.

1 Tbl flax seed meal (I use sprouted)
1 Tbl coconut oil

1 Tsp eggshell calcium powder ( I grind the eggs shells myself)
½ Tbl of nutritional yeast

Place all ingredients, except beef, in food processor and process until blended thoroughly. Add beef and mix.

All dogs like humans are unique in their likes, dislikes and their nutritional needs so please ask you veterinarian what is best for your furry buddies.


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