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Gayle Pruitt, has been a nutritionist/ chef for fifteen years. In addition, Gayle also co-hosted a nationally syndicated radio talk show, Menu for Life Radio Show, with Dr. Ross Stewart, a behavioral psychologist and recognized expert on the link between nutrition and brain chemistry. She was the food writer for a Dallas based magazine Lifestyle Solutions, and she also appears as a guest lecturer at various conferences. St. Martin’s Press is published her two new cookbooks, The Dog-Gone Good Cookbook for Humans and their Canine Kids Published February 2013.. And the Dog Gone Good Cuisine released 2014 Casper (canine= a small white / tan freckled dachshund sweetheart mix) has an attitude that every mom would give her canine teeth for ( most of the time). He’s laid back and loves everyone even his sister Mimi. He is a natural host, whenever we have a party, or get-together he works the room like a true diplomat. He greets every human as well as canine, making everyone feel welcome. He does have one little itsy-bitsy tiny-weenie issue; Casper has a very beautiful tail its looks like a white flag that he waves to let others become aware of his presents. He expects the human population to show him deference and fawn over him and admire his wonderful tail. If he doesn’t receive the proper adoration from the guests he will either leave or has been known to show his indignation by heisting his leg on the unsuspecting until they feel a warm rain cascading down their leg. When Casper has his dinner he eats slowly and savors every mouthful. Then he does his happy dance and after six o’clock in the evening he goes to his room and gets in his bed. Casper stays in bed until I have breakfast ready the next morning. . Mimi (canine = Chihuahua/Daschund and whatever mix) is a scrappy little girl plucked off the streets of Dallas. Being a high energy, intelligent, and sassy dog, Mimi, a control freak, feels it her duty to keep everyone organized and on a rigid schedule. It is difficult to see under all that bossiness that she is sensitive, and caring, but don’t ever tick her off. And whatever you do don’t wear a hard hat she might attack. Mimi is not much of a gourmet she will eat anything fast and swallow it whole. When it comes to company Mimi becomes a little fixated. She decides that one person is her very best friend and will not leave their side to Gayle’s chagrin. If Mimi were human she would wear stiletto heels, tight jeans, tighter sweater, big loop earrings and would drink any pink sweet wine. Her idea of haute cuisine would be Turkey Tetrazzini with ketchup. Mimi’s house would be tidy and well organized but would have garage sale décor written all over it. She would be a hard worker, flirtatious, perhaps more than a bit demanding, and would have a hair trigger temper. Mimi would not suffer fools easily. However one could easily embarrass or hurt her feelings.

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